The Ghost of Robert Brown

There is so much wrong with this book that I hardly know where to start…..It is full of inconsistencies,not to say mistakes(a grand chandelier,sparkling like diamonds,all that from the glow of 1 bulb,marvelous….;green eyes that mysteriously change into blue eyes and fifty pages further ,lo behold,they are chocolate brown;characters who seem to forget what they said,or asked,4 sentences earlier and so many more unbelievable errors (and I mean many more!))
As for the writing,there is virtually no description of any surrounding(the school is supposed to be gothic,well your guess is as good as mine…),the dialogues are static,there are strange time-lapses and none of the characters feel real(and are definitely not well defined),certain sentences are not finished and there are a load of silly mistakes(for example:it would help easy my conscience…)
The worst read this year…it is a pity,because there is a good storyline hidden somewhere but unfortunately…..

4 thoughts on “The Ghost of Robert Brown by P. Wish

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