Graëlfire by Stephen Chamberlain

Graëlfire - Stephen Chamberlain

This is basically a different version of the Holy Grail story. Here the grail(Graël)is a stone from a different universe.The book consist of two storylines and it constantly switches between those two. One happens in present day Switzerland were Lena and a mysterious stranger, Raphael, are looking for a lost Graëlstone once believed to be in the possession of the Cathars. Of course they are not the only ones looking for this stone…The other storyline is situated in the Languedoc and northern Italy in 1245. Here the Cathars are fleeing from the horrible Inquisition . We follow the story of Gideon ,another mysterious stranger, who is looking for the Graëlstone believed to be kept in hiding, by the Cathars, since the fall of Montségur, their stronghold.

Well, it starts very promising,very exciting, a strange mix between fantasy, adventure and mystery but unfortunately it doesn’t keep its promise. It just drags on and on, a bit of a never-ending story and I had a hard time actually finishing it. It really is too bad because a new take on the Grail myth is always interesting….


Birthrights by J.Kyle McNeal

This is definitely a book for fans of epic fantasy. We follow a young boy, and his 2 companions, on their quest to find a mythical figure called “the Stewart”.But somewhere in the middle the tension wavers.  There are too many storylines, different factions and the story becomes, unnecessary, over complicated. Fortunately, the adventure, and tension, picks up again and it ends (at 553 pages no less)with a feeling that one wants to read the second instalment. 3,5 /5