Dr Jekyll and Mr Seek - Anthony O'Neill

7 years after the death of Mr.Hyde and the mysterious disappearance of Dr.Jekyll,the doctor reappears in London and lays claim on all of Dr.Jekyll ‘s assets. Mr.Utterson, chief beneficiary of the doctor’s estate, knows that this Dr.Jekyll is a fraud. He,and only he, read the confession of Dr.Jekyll. Unfortunately, he kept everything to himself so not to sully the good doctor’s name. The impostor (is he?)wriggles his way back into society. His esteemed friends are all convinced that he is the real Dr.Jekyll. Only Mr.Utterson remains more than sceptical. And then accidents, deathly accidents, start to happen. Mr.Utterson is more than ever determined to unmask this fiend. But will he succeed…?

This is a very well written (short)novel,it keeps the reader’s attention, there is an increasing tension and the return of Dr.Jekyll is not to be dismissed lightly.


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