Well first up,I have to thank Crystal(daisymae2017.wordpress.com)for nominating me for this(at least for me)unknown award. Apparently there are a couple of rules to follow.  One of them is to give 10 facts,details…about (in this case)this nominee.

Oh well,why not…

I have a flatcoated retriever and a cat(and in their own way they get along )

I like to cook(and I have a rather extensive collection of cookbooks)

I like to shop for food and groceries (and any foreign or new market is likely to be raided by me )

I am a rather voracious reader(mysteries,science fiction,history…)

My favourite seasons are autumn and winter

I spent quite some time at the seaside(again autumn and winter)

I absolutely love candles

I(try)to go for a solid walk with my “little” dog a couple of times a week

I don’t like to go to the movies(yeah,I know…)

And notwithstanding my penchant for the darker months,I definitely would like to go for a swim in the Indian Ocean!

Next up,nominees,well,particularly tricky as I’m an absolute beginner,so every one can be a nominee as far as I’m concerned.

Well,good luck to all the nominees out there🐶🐺




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